Monday, January 21, 2013

Turning a floppy disk in to a Starship.

I had this old floppy disk left over and on a website I saw how to make a Starship out of it. So I wanted to give it a shot. All you need is the floppy disk and a pair of scissors.

Start by taking the floppy disk apart. Do not bend the metal cover.

Cut the cover like this.

Now fold the wings outwards. You can also fold the wingtips up.

Remove the "floppy" part to keep the metal disk.

The metal disk will become the "saucer". Hold it next to the rest to see where to cut away bits of the "neck".

The cut "neck".

Put the saucer on...

... and fold the metal strips around it to hold it in place.

Voila, there's your starship! :-)

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