Friday, December 31, 2010

A small IKEA Lack shelf

Here's an empty wall. You have to drill two holes in it for this tiny Lack shelf that I'm mounting. The holes need to be very accurate or the shelf will not fit well.

I'm actually holding it upside down, sorry. The shelf is placed over 2 screws and should fix itself when pressed down over the screws.

The end result.

Monday, November 15, 2010

A security-strip on your door.

To put security strips on your door, start by cutting them at the right length.

If you like to work neatly, use a file to smoothen the edges. Do your nails while you're at it.

Put on the door strip first. Mark the edge of the door frame on the door.

Depending on the kind of strip you use you need to position it on the door, in my case the strip has to be 2mm away from where I marked.

Fix the strip with only 2 or 3 screws.

See if the door still closes (don't forget your keys!)

If it looks fine, get the other strip and mark where it needs to be.

Screw that strip on with 2-3 screws as well and check to see if the door still closes. If it does, put in 20 more screws and it's done!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mounting a TV

These days most people have flat TV's. It saves a lot of space over the old CRT monsters we used to have. Another advantage is that these TV's can be mounted on the wall. Mine was standing on my (tiny) dining table and I really need the space so it needed to go on the wall.

So I bought this wall mounting kit from Vogel's.

The contents. Almost everything you need apart from the drill, drill bits and screw driver.

First you attach the brackets to the back of your tellie. Yes, in the picture you can see I had accidentally screwed one a bit higher than the other. I found out when I was hanging it on the wall, very frustrating. OOPS!

Put together the part that goes on the wall.

Drrrrrrrrrrrill holes.

Mount the wall-part. Vogel's come with a little water-bubble to see if it's horizontal. Now I know my table is not ;-/

And then hang your TV on the wall-part. All done.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Making a fly screen.

I hate mosquitos. But I like fresh air from an open window. So I need fly screens.

Here's how to make a simple fly screen:

For a simple rectangular from we need 4 pieces of wood, the corners cut on a 45 degree angle. Mark the wood.

Cut the wood.

And see to it that things fit nicely.

Then get some metal corners and screws.

Mark the holes.

And pre-drill the holes for the screws a little bit so that the wood doesn't split when screwing in it.

Put on the 4 metal corners.

Get your mesh and a tacker (staple gun).

Attach the mesh and there you go, a fly screen!

Works in prison cells as well! ;-)