Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mounting a TV

These days most people have flat TV's. It saves a lot of space over the old CRT monsters we used to have. Another advantage is that these TV's can be mounted on the wall. Mine was standing on my (tiny) dining table and I really need the space so it needed to go on the wall.

So I bought this wall mounting kit from Vogel's.

The contents. Almost everything you need apart from the drill, drill bits and screw driver.

First you attach the brackets to the back of your tellie. Yes, in the picture you can see I had accidentally screwed one a bit higher than the other. I found out when I was hanging it on the wall, very frustrating. OOPS!

Put together the part that goes on the wall.

Drrrrrrrrrrrill holes.

Mount the wall-part. Vogel's come with a little water-bubble to see if it's horizontal. Now I know my table is not ;-/

And then hang your TV on the wall-part. All done.