Sunday, August 14, 2011

Another sensor light

Here's a quick explanation of how I put up another sensor light outside of my front door.

At the back of my light were a few places where the plastic was very thin for you to cut a hole. These are the holes used for mounting it to the wall.

Because I wanted to put it up in a corner I needed to create a bit of surface so I cut a 45 degrees angle on a block of wood.

The wood is hard which means it has a higher chance to split when you put a screw into it. So all the places where a screw needs to be were going to be pre-drilled with a very small drill 1/2 to 1/3 of the thickness of the screw. Also the wood needs to be removed where the power chord comes out.

3 holes for screws and 1 showing where to cut away some wood for the chord.

This is the corner it will be in.

To fix our "surface" well, I drilled 3 holes for long screws to fit through.

This is the idea...

... After fixing the wood we have a solid surface for mounting the light.

Wire the light. Be sure to switch off electricity for safety reasons.

And mount the light. Voila, all done.

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