Sunday, April 29, 2012

Putting up blinds (IKEA Lindmon)

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I wanted to replace my see-through white curtains with some blinds. Nice wooden ones. I got them at Ikea.

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These are the contents of 1 packet of Ikea "Lindmon" blinds.

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Putting up blinds is no rocket science. These 3 parts are as difficult as it gets. They need to be side or top mounted and then you can just put the blinds in.

Make sure you do not hang them too close to any grips.

Once you know the correct measurements you can start screwing everything on to the wall/ceiling, in my case the top.

TIP: add 3mm to the required space between these holders. This is because the holder's hinges face inwards. This is really bad design that I overlooked and I had to cut 3mm off the rails :-(

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So anyway, you should end up like this.

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Now you can simply put the rails with the blinds hanging in to the holders and close those holders.

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1 window done.

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Two windows done :-)


Gianna said...

They look really nice I think.

Vincent said...

@ Gianna: Thanks! So do I :-)

Kathryn said...

Hello! I'm thinking about buying these from ikea, but I was wondering how much light they block out. I can't seem to find info about this anywhere online. Do they do a good job of blocking out sunlight? Compared to aluminum blinds? do you have any photos of the blinds closed in the sunlight?

Vincent said...

Hi Kathryn,

I think they're doing a good job blocking out sun light. Not as good as aluminium but they keep the place cool and dark. I'm happy with them for those reasons :-)


T. said...

I have been looking at a lot of sites to see how to put these blinds up and so far, your photos are the MOST HELPFUL! Thank you so much for posting this!