Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The IKEA Flarke

I had to do some serious cleaning up and needed cheap storage space. In such moments one often thinks of Ikea and so did I. After some looking around I found the Flarke book case. AU $35 only which is incredibly cheap for what you get. It's easy to put it together (and I still managed to make 1 mistake!)

Introducing: Flarke.

The contents are as follows:
- 2 big panels
- 6 small panels
- Folded, plastic back board
- Screws, nails etc.
- Another Allen key (Yay! ;-)

3 of the small panels have holes to be screwed to the big panels. The other 3 small panels don't have any holes and should be kept apart untill the book case is finished.

Together with what Ikea provided, this is what we need. So grab a hammer, ruler and pen and the party can start.

Keep the cardboard on the floor to work on. You'll have less chances on bits chipping off the panels.

Mind the sides of the panels that have more holes, those are the INsides.

Take 1 small panel with holes in the side, position it at the middle of a big panel and screw it on.

When that's done it should look like this.

Do this as well for the other 2 small panels. One at the top and one at the bottom.

And after that screw on the other longer panel after which it should look like this.

I think I know why Ikea can keep the price so low. The back board of the book case used to be (10 years ago in different shops) made of a thin, wooden panel. This is now plastic. Unfold it and place it on the back of the book case.

Nail on as shown in the booklet that came with this fine piece of furniture.

When this is done, put the book case upright and admire the work up till now.

Now the shelves. In the bag with screws were also 7 pins (1 extra) that have to be nailed into the shelves so that they can not slide out the front. To do this, mark at 35mm (picture shows 30mm but this is wrong!) from the back of the shelf...

... and hammer in the pin.

Do this for all the shelves and the book case is ready. (Forgot to photograpgh unfortunately)

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