Saturday, August 23, 2008

Creating a bird cage roof

We got two new bird cages for outside but they don't come with a roof. So we make some ourselves! The roofs are made out of scrap wood except for the panels. I reckon you may have some panels lying around as well though.

The roof is a simple, 90 degree model. Start by making the legs for the frame. Cut one side at a 45 degree angle. You need 4 per roof.

A fancy connection is not required so just put pairs in a vice, drill a hole for the screw and screw the two parts together.

The result should look like this.

Add a few more pieces of scrap wood like in this photo and you got your frame.

Put the panels on. Don't worry if your frame is a bit wobbly. After the panels have been screwed on it will be completely steady.


And place on top of the cage.


Gerrit said...

Did you think about wind blowing the roof off? (or a Big Bad Wolf, when huffs and he puffs, you never know)

Vincent said...

Ehm, I haven't done a case-study but I think it will be OK. The panels are actually made of cement-board. You need two people to get them on there. I wish the wind a lot of luck hehe. Also the wind can't really get underneath like that.

I'll kick the big bad wolf's ass if he tries to pull anything off :-)