Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Power supply (now 0.75-30V / 2.7A), part 3.

The power supply does need a fair bit of heat sink. Possibly later on a fan will need to be mounted but I'm not doing that yet.

To work with chunky metal it's handy to be able to use a drill press. It's very stable and it's also safer then drilling from the hand.

I had the vice screwed to the table. This was to prevent it from being lifted while drilling which could cause danger. The holes for the transistors are 4 mm wide. The four outer holes were drilled with a 4.5 mm drill to make M5 screw thread in them. I think actually you need to drill an even smaller hole for M5...

After the holes are drilled, the four outer ones needed to get screw thread in them.

Et voilá, the heat sink with beautiful holes in it, ready to be used.

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