Sunday, July 20, 2008

Power supply (now 0.75-30V / 2.7A), part 2.

The past few weeks I have redesigned the circuitry a few times and this is the "latest and greatest". Also I have bought a new transformer with 2x12V coils. Because of this I can use less power when using a lower voltage. This is good because it makes the transistors less hot. The power supply will have two voltage ranges: 0.75 - 7V and 5.5 - 30V. The maximum current will be around 2.7A

The new schematics. Click picture for a larger version.

The board with it's components. A heat sink may be added here and there in a later stage.

This is the power supply close to it's current phase. At the moment the board is connected to all front-side controls. The transformer is wired too. Now the board needs to be hooked up to the transformer and the transistors need to be mounted on the heat sink and wired. That will be done soon.

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